After having braces I had to have crowns on my four upper front teeth. Dr. Zanzi did these crowns and I am very happy with the results. They look better than I ever expected them to look. He's very gentle and never hurts. I highly recommend. Dr. Zanzi.
Sheila N., Lincoln, March 2007

WOW!! I can’t believe the results! Incredible and well worth it. I will recommend it to everyone. I am sure my friends, clients, colleagues and Judges will be much more happy to see my smile! Thanks Again…
Chad Miller, Granite Bay, September 2006

If I had been coming to see Dr. Zanzi my entire life, instead of just the last year, I would not be “AFRAID” of the dentist office (I am 38). My experience here has been awesome. I have had several teeth worked on and all of these experiences have been positive and painless.

I have recommended to my co-workers and family to come to this office and I hope they take advantage of the awesome people (including all the dentist assistants and front office people).
David Paul, Sacramento, November 2005